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Manta Ray Cell Phone Detector PocketHound Cell Phone Detector TransitHound Cell Phone Detector Trigger EtherHound Cell Phone Detector Trigger Covert Cell Phone Detection Wolfhound-PRO Cell Phone Detector WatchHound Cell Phone Security Monitor
Security cell phone detection products
Manta Ray cell phone detector finds concealed phones in pockets, bags and even behind walls
PocketHound cell phone detector detects nearby mobile phone use all from your pocket
Wolfhound-PRO cell phone detector locates mobile phones up to 150 feet away
EtherHound cell phone detection for networked, wireless-free zones
TransitHound cell phone detection for distracted driving in vehicles and mass transit
WatchHound cell phone security monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Covert Cell Phone Detectors disguised as common, everyday objects
"Shoes-On" metal detection for airport, courthouses, prisons, schools & stadium security


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BVS designs and manufactures cellular telephone detection and TCSM products for use in detecting and locating cell phone use in areas such prisons and correctional facilities, universities, airports, government installations, financial institutions, hospitals, counterterrorism, rehabilitation centers - anywhere a NO CELL PHONE policy is enforced. When cellular jamming is illegal, expensive or just too dangerous, BVS offers Wolfhound-PRO for detection and location of nearby cell phone use and PocketHound for stealthy cell phone detection, WatchHound is for a fixed, networkable cell phone security monitoring system. EtherHound is also a fixed cell phone monitor but includes dry contacts for custom trigger alerts set by the user. TransitHound is designed for buses, trains and any fleet vehicles where distracted driving can affect the driver and public safety.

BVS cell phone triggers are customizable by the user in setting special alerts when a nearby cell phone triggers the receiver. Optional software may be purchased for monitoring and controlling a networkof these devices. These devices are employed in both both the public and private sectors to curb or prevent things like texting while driving and other driver / operator distractions.

BVS also designs and manufactures custom covert cell phone detectors. These products come in a variety of forms but all of them are invisible to perpetrators and any cell phone user. Due to the nature of these products and some of our customers, this page is not available for public browsing and is displayed in a separate, secure area. We only ask that you fill out a brief form so that we may verify and get right back to you with a link to the secure products page.


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